On-premise Mobile Edge Clouds

CYRUS is an on-premise edge cloud that provides unlimited mobile capacity and secure connectivity, while analyzing mobile device and IoT data. This enables enterprises to improve productivity, increase revenue and deliver new services and applications.

Today, with CYRUS, enterprises can introduce personalized services, tiered access, proximity information, live video streaming, firewalled data, M2M, VR/AR, and more. As a 5G-ready platform, CYRUS is a future-proof bridge to killer apps yet to be developed.

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Existing wireless connectivity solutions (like Distributed Antenna Systems), solve the wireless coverage issue – eliminating dead spots and improving service for voice calls. Enterprises that deploy them in their traditional form rely on the carriers to determine if dedicated capacity will be provided to the enterprise, to improve data connectivity on the 4G network. So, while users will see five bars on their phone, they won’t necessarily see an improvement in data connectivity.

CYRUS delivers guaranteed mobile data speeds starting at 1Gbps*, and enables capacity growth with a click of a button. As more wireless devices are added to the network and data consumption grows, the ability to control data speeds and scale as needed becomes critical.


Data & Insight

CYRUS provides a rich database of the “who, what, where and when” aspects of network activity. The TIPS API provides Time, Identity, Position, and Service information, without a need for an app installed on the device.


Time – All information is provided with time stamp
Identity – The Identity of the user / device
Position– Where the user / device is located in the building
Service – What type of services are running on the device



Today, all data originating on a mobile device leaves the enterprise, through the carrier network, out to the cloud service provider (where most apps are hosted), and back via the same route to the device. This often includes sensitive corporate data that leaves the enterprise firewall on a network that enterprise has no control over. If the data must reach a device or server outside of the enterprise that makes sense, but what about data that needs to travel from one device to another which is located in the same building, between colleagues for examples. Why should that data leave the enterprise network at all? This is also true for IoT. Why should sensitive, time-critical IoT data leave the enterprise network?


The Problem:

  • Cellular data is off the enterprise grid
  • Enterprise data is vulnerable
  • Data transport cost was high
  • The connection was slow

Local Breakout

With CYRUS, enterprises control their data and mission critical services via a private-public mobile-edge cloud. Imagine all IoT devices connected to a single network, and all the data generated by these devices being processed locally, behind the enterprise firewall. This will improve performance, significantly reduce backhaul cost and improve security.


The Benefits:

  • Cellular-first for high performance and secured applicaitons
  • Super-fast, mission critical
  • Most calls and data sessions terminate internally
  • Cloud services stored locally and can be provisioned

CYRUS Serves Multiple Segments

Sports & Entertainment

  • Provide seamless, always-on connectivity
  • Unlike Wi-Fi there’s no registration needed, so more fans connect and engage on-premises
  • Improve facility operations, such as reducing wait times at concessions

Real Estate

  • Guarantee service for multiple wireless carrier
  • Increase property value and the ability to attract tenants with unlimited mobile capacity
  • Streamline IoT applications using one network for security, video and smart building sensors

Corporate Office

  • Protect sensitive information by owning and controlling the mobile network
  • Provide tiered service based on location and application type
  • Gain insight with aggregated TIPS information (time, identity, position, service)


  • Protect sensitive information by owning and controlling the mobile network
  • Provide tiered service based on location and application type
  • Gain insight with aggregated TIPS information (time, identity, position, service)


  • Allocate capacity dynamically for events, conferences or guest rooms as needed
  • Provide guests unlimited bandwidth to improve connectivity no matter the device or mobile service provider
  • Own and manage your cellular access while supporting all mobile networks


  • Geo-fence data for patient privacy, and gain insights from aggregated user data
  • Control capacity throughout the facility by owning and managing the network
  • Offer patients robust access no matter their location in the facility


Personalized service

Personalized service

tiered service bases on user needs and applications



Data stays behind the firewall

Data and Insight

Data and Insight

Collect critical analytics from mobile devices

High performance applications

High performance applications

run applications locally on CYRUS

Private LTE for IoT

Private LTE for IoT

Leverage CYRUS as a private, secure LTE network for IoT