Internet of Things (IoT)

More and more enterprises are streamlining their operations by deploying IoT applications – from lighting and HVAC to smart printers and location beacons – that can help improve productivity, conserve energy and increase the bottom line.

The Challenge

The benefits of the IoT are obvious, but there are challenges. Different IoT applications use different technologies – such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NB IoT – and each has limitations. Performance is not guaranteed, existing solutions are not always secure or scalable, and there’s no centralized dashboard or database, which means applications must be managed independently

The Solution

By combining the power of cellular and ASOCS’ CYRUS™ for the IoT, enterprises can meet these pervasive challenges and realize a variety of benefits:

  • Guaranteed Performance – cellular is an end-to-end technology designed for mission-critical uses with high-availability and auto-recovery
  • Security – with CYRUS, all IoT information remains on premise, never having to leave the network or cross the enterprise firewall
  • Scalable – can support the thousands of devices yet to come, and the required bandwidth to transfer the terabits of data these devices will generate
  • Centralized management, automation, data collection – enterprises can see and act on all data from all IoT devices via a single management system and dashboard
  • Mobility – cellular is the only protocol that allows true mobility inside and outside of a building

Industrial IoT (IIoT)

Anyone looking to build a large industrial facility should put serious thought into their IoT requirements now and in the future. CYRUS, using cellular technology, can support the facility’s full range of IoT devices while providing unlimited bandwidth to process and transfer an enormous amount of data from these connected devices. Only the CYRUS on-premise solution delivers guaranteed performance, security, mobility and scalability to empower mobile digital transformation in industrial facilities.