In Design

5G is introducing a paradigm shift in how networks are built and operated. This includes virtualizing the RAN, enabling massive network densification with virtualized base stations running on centralized or on-premise clouds.

ASOCS’ CYRUS solution enables operators to deploy fully virtualized base stations on mobile edge clouds using standard IT Servers. This architecture allows for the dynamic and automated allocation of baseband resources based on actual data traffic, eliminating the need to over-provision base stations to meet peak demand.

As seen in the video, Cisco & ASOCS are demonstrating how xRAN open interfaces enable Cisco Cluster SON to control ASOCS CYRUS virtualized RAN, on a per-user level, providing a full slice optimization over 4G.

User-centric Cluster SON and fully virtualized RAN, dramatically boost performance, harmonize the technologies that comprise RAN, and maximize the capabilities of existing infrastructures, enabling 5G services on 4G networks today.

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