CYRUS® 2.0 for WAN

Unbundling mobile networks with virtualized base stations – Be prepared for the future

CYRUS® 2.0 for WAN offers a single software stack for 4G & 5G cellular processing, including central and distributed units (vCUs, vDUs), with open interfaces to third party radios, cloud infrastructure and management systems, enabling fully virtualized, end-to-end cloud-native mobile networks for mobile operators looking to deploy either greenfield networks or upgrade existing networks to 5G.

What’s in it for Mobile Operators?

  • Make vendor lock-in a thing of the past
  • Gain control of network upgrades, TCO, and speed
  • Work with COTS / standard servers – your scalability is now software-based
  • Gain from various, innovation-driven business models
  • Leverage edge computing to offer ultra-low latency

Key Features


O-RAN 7.2 fronthaul interface support


Can be hosted in a
range of locations


Supports multiple
network topologies

Macro Nation-Wide and Large Networks

Distributed Edge Clouds with CYRUS across Cell and Power infrastructure


C-RAN for multiple locations in campus/ neighborhood


Network deployment across railway stations and towers