CYRUS 2.0®

Cloud-native 4G and 5G
in a single software stack,
enabling multiple LAN
and WAN use cases

CYRUS 2.0 enables fully virtualized, end-to-end cloud-native mobile networks, using a single software stack for 4G & 5G cellular processing. It offers central and distributed units (vCUs, vDUs), open interfaces to third party radios, and cloud infrastructure and management systems. Operators can easily deploy greenfield networks, upgrade existing networks to 5G, or provide 5G private networks to their enterprise customers.

CYRUS® 2.0 for LAN

A new approach for end-to-end in-building cellular connectivity
Full in-building 4G coverage and a smooth upgrade path to 5G (NR) deployments, for operators’ enterprise customers.

What’s in it for your enterprise customers?

We take care of EVERYTHING

The radio,the server, the software – we take care of it all

WiFi-like installation – it’s that easy

Install your cellular network as easily as other organizational IT systems – upgrade, scale up, make changes as needed

Complete flexibility

We support an Infrastructure-as-a-service business model, so operators can offer complete control, flexibility and scalability

Tailored and prioritized cellular access

Ensure reliable cellular service specifically tailored to different needs and requirements, in real-time


Key Features


Private network

Serverless applications, with real-time, reliable, application-aware service delivery and ultra-low latency


Coverage as a service

Enabling network slicing and tiered access


Converged LAN and cellular

Routing cellular data on universal CPE, WiFi add-on


Single/Multi Operator

For no-strings attached decision making


5G NR-ready

Simple upgrade path from LTE to 5G


Smart Analytics and geo-location information

Highly accurate, real-time information about location and both user and network level behaviors

CYRUS® 2.0 for WAN

Unbundling mobile networks with virtualized base stations
Virtualized base station solutions, ideal for mobile operators looking to upgrade to 5G or deploy greenfield networks in the network virtualization era

What’s in it for Mobile Operators?

  • Make vendor lock-in a thing of the past
  • Gain control of network upgrades, TCO, and speed
  • Work with COTS / standard servers – your scalability is now software-based
  • Gain from various, innovation-driven business models
  • Leverage edge computing to offer ultra-low latency

Key Features


O-RAN 7.2 fronthaul interface support


Can be hosted in a
range of locations


Supports multiple
network topologies

Macro Nation-Wide and Private Networks

Distributed Edge Clouds with CYRUS across Cell and Power infrastructure


C-RAN for multiple locations in campus/ neighborhood


Network deployment across railway stations and towers