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CYRUS enterprise edge cloud offers “always on” connectivity, unlimited bandwidth, high security, critical data insights and analytics

ROSH HA’AYIN, Israel, September 12, 2017ASOCS today introduced CYRUS, an on-premise mobile cloud for enterprises that addresses the mobile connectivity, capacity and security challenges associated with true digital transformation. By giving enterprises ownership and control of their mobile networks, CYRUS fundamentally changes how users wirelessly connect with and leverage the internet inside large buildings and venues such as corporate offices, sports arenas, mixed-use buildings, retail establishments, hotels, hospitals, and more.

While current wireless connectivity solutions don’t provide enterprises with sufficient capacity, aggregated data analytics, or a satisfying user experience, the CYRUS cloud solution guarantees high-bandwidth mobile data and provides a rich database of the “who, what, where and when” aspects of network activity. CYRUS also delivers secure connectivity while analyzing mobile device and IoT data.

“Given how much operators have struggled to find more cost-effective ways to penetrate enterprises, a disruptive approach was clearly needed. Virtualized RAN solutions like ASOCS’ CYRUS have the potential to break through long-standing barriers to unlock enterprise opportunities,” said Ed Gubbins, Senior Analyst, GlobalData.

Unlike Wi-Fi, users on the system – who might include guests, fans at a sporting event or workers and patients on a hospital campus – are not required to register to utilize the system or actively connect to the on-premise network.

Important benefits of CYRUS include the following:

  • Connectivity – CYRUS offers exceptional, always-on connectivity and unlimited bandwidth with ultra-low latency.
  • Security – CYRUS ensures data remains firewall protected, aggregates user data without compromising user privacy, and allows activities to be monitored and blocked through the network.
  • Data and Insight – By analyzing data, without Wi-Fi, CYRUS provides a rich database of aggregated time, identity, position and service (TIPS) information.

“CYRUS is designed to alleviate the mobile networking problems that frustrate enterprises and cellular carriers alike,” said Gilad Garon, ASOCS CEO. “By implementing CYRUS, enterprises gain all the benefits of stellar cellular connectivity, capacity and security while being able to control the mobile network and work with multiple service providers. Carriers also benefit by better serving their customers with no capital investment.”

Carrier-neutral CYRUS outperforms solutions such as small cell networks that typically are limited, not scalable, and support single carriers. For smartphone and other device users, CYRUS augments Wi-Fi, which gets quickly bogged down when many users are vying for bandwidth.
CYRUS is integrated with VMware vSphere®, the leading virtualization platform for enterprises. VMware vSphere robustness and ability to scale make it the ideal virtualization platform for mobile edge clouds that will continue to scale as demand for capacity in the enterprise grows.

“By integrating ASOCS’ CYRUS platform with VMware’s virtualization platform, enterprises and carriers gain far more scalable and flexible cellular processing on mobile edge clouds,” said Gabriele Di Piazza, vice president of solutions, Telco NFV Group, VMware. “Mobile edge clouds are the future of cellular in the enterprise, and we’re happy to demonstrate the first mature mobile edge cloud on our virtualization platform.”

CYRUS is deployed in multiple labs, has been verified in a variety of programs and commercially available for customers trials and deployments through ASOCS. CYRUS is offered both as a complete, on-premise software and hardware solution, and is also available as a service with no hardware investment required.


ASOCS empowers mobile digital transformation in the enterprise. The company’s on-premise edge cloud solutions enable unlimited mobile network capacity and secure connectivity while analyzing mobile device and IoT data, allowing enterprises to deliver and monetize new services and applications.

Privately-held ASOCS serves retail, real estate, corporate offices, hospitality, hospitals and sports and entertainment markets, and has offices in Israel and the United States. For more information, visit ASOCS at and follow us on LinkedIn.

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