About Us

Empowering Mobile Digital Transformation in the Enterprise

The company’s on-premise edge cloud solutions enable unlimited mobile network capacity and secure connectivity while collecting and analyzing mobile device and IoT data, opening the door for enterprises to deliver and monetize new services and applications.

Privately-held ASOCS serves retail, real estate, corporate offices, hospitality, hospitals and sports and entertainment markets, and has offices in Israel and the United States.

Our Team

We are a talented, experienced and diverse group that is driven to succeed and passionate about our work. We are mature, self-motivated independent thinkers, but we value our collaborative environment and team-oriented approach. We are passionate. We are fun. We are ASOCS!

Contact Us

Edan Twin Building | Park Afek | P.O.Box 11459
21 Hamelacha Street | Rosh Haayin, 48091 | Israel
Office: +972-3-9012090 | Fax: +972-3-9032112

Edan Twin Building
Park Afek, P.O.Box 11459
21 Hamelacha Street
Rosh Haayin, 48091, Israel
Office: +972-3-9012090
Fax: +972-3-9032112