5G Solutions

5G deployments around the world are becoming a reality

5G deployments are taking place in many regions around the globe. 5G networks enable ultra-low latency, enhanced broadband capacity and more.

Mobile operators are busy planning and launching 5G networks. This is a main pillar in their business strategy, as many different verticals will greatly benefit from access to 5G connectivity, including digital factories with their growing dependency on IoT, and various enterprise segments such as corporate offices, hotels, hospitals, sports and entertainment facilities and more.

5G will enable reliable private networks for running mission-critical tasks with no hesitation. It will also enable secured, tailored and prioritized access to network resources.

Enterprises, that understand that cellular networks are faster, more secure and more reliable than Wi-Fi, are looking to leverage 5G capabilities for providing better on-premise service, but would like to see deployment options that are simple, similar to Wi-Fi installations.

Is 5G really the future of mobile operators?

5G software on virtual machines offer some major benefits such as:
• Flexible network; Easy to scale and upgrade
• Optimized resources and function allocation
• Secure and isolated services on leading virtualized platforms
• Multi-function, multi-service unified edge cloud platform
• Converged wireline and wireless services


5G Edge

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